Rahul Gandhi asking “India at good position in #COVID19 battle?”

Today Rahul Gandhi tweeting “India at good position in #COVID19 battle?”. Posting a picture of a graph. He just asked a question giving any other detail. But this question is a sequence of his previous wordings. He showed in the curve that how a curve should look like if the situation is improving. Instead the cases are claimbing day by day with a huge rate.

Here is the picture that shows the increasing of the cases in drastic number.


While taking note of that the projections are exceptionally touchy to accepted testing, conduct, and strategy reactions, the MIT specialists thought about projections under three situations: When the current nation explicit testing rates and reaction capacities are extrapolated pushing ahead; whenever upgraded testing (of 0.1 percent daily) is embraced on July 1; if affectability of contact rate to apparent hazard is set to 8, with testing at current levels.


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