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Howdy visitor, Welcome to The Upport Me Assam.

Its me behind this blog. Intentionally I’m writing this in English, C’Mon you know how AdSense is. The basic funda of this blog is to reach out to the Indians with the solutions of the challenges they are facing in day to day life. Secondary thing is I would like to encourage Indian folks about blogging and make their bread and coffee from their blogs. I would be putting my monthly earnings here on this page. Share yours too. The main objective is to make people believe in earning online from the blogs and I’m sure you also will get a few sweets from the blogger’s jar.

Support Me Assam in is a first and only solution based HowTo site in Assamese. Our authors write in Latin Assamese. (They are so lazy, They don’t wish to type it in pure Assamese. I will get them Assamese keyboards soon.) Here Latin Assamese meaning Assamese stuff in English font. Hope you don’t have any barriers in reading and understanding the stuff. You can drop in your ideas, queries or questions at haloidhruba1983@gmail.com

Guys get your laptops charged, a mug of coffee and start a blog monetizing it.

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The first Indian HowTo website in Assamese Language.