How to check the pre booking status of your JioPhone?

Are you also on a pre-announced JioPhone yesterday, but are you not aware of your booking status yet? Here’s how to know the status of your Geophon chat status. All you need to do is dial 180089090000 and share the details of your registered mobile number to get updates about your reservation status. So far, the number two languages ​​- Hindi and English – have supported.The existing Jio customers can also view their status in MyJio app under Manage Voucher section.

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The process of discussing the JioPhone is almost suspended after one day from about 24 days. It is likely that many potential buyers will be in the cold. Obviously, they will be given the opportunity to discuss the Geo Phone when the process restarts, although the company has not confirmed it when it will open next time. Those who were able to discuss handsets on August 24 and 25, there is no clarity about when they will be available, except that they will be provided in September.
How to check JioPhone booking status offline
As soon as you book a live phone, you will receive an SMS with the company’s transaction ID, and the number of codes (units) registered with your phone number will be. Below that will be a phone number, 18008908900. If you want to check your booking status or delivery date, just call the number from the same number on which you received the SMS, and follow the IVR instructions.
How to check JioPhone booking status online
To check your Jio Phone booking status online, you need to open the MyJio app and tap on the Manage Booking option. After providing your registered phone number and OTP, you will see the My Vouchers page on the screen. At the moment the Status field is blank, but once deliveries commence, it should show the delivery date, and store from which the phone can be picked up.
You can also transfer the Jio Phone booking using the MyJio app via the Transfer option in the Manage Booking section.
If you were unable to book the first Jio-branded feature phone, you can get notifications for its availability from the company by signing up for alerts on the official website. Just provide your name, email ID, phone number and pincode if you are an individual consumer, and company’s name, pincode, GSTN/ PAN, as well as contact person’s email ID and number, along with the number of units required, if you are representing a business. Once you register your interest, you will receive an SMS from the company saying, “We’ll inform you when pre-booking resumes.”

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