Guwahati-North Guwahati Ferry Service suspended

Gauhati : Considering rising water level of the Brahmaputra, ship administration among Guwahati and North Guwahati has been suspended till May 31 night.

A request gave by extra region justice and (CEO) of locale calamity the board authority of Kamrup (Metro) on Thursday expressed that the water level of the Brahmaputra in Kamrup (Metro) is rising and anticipated to ascend over threat level in 2-3 days. As indicated by the request utilizing of ship administration in such circumstance may cause untoward occurrences which may prompt danger to the lives and properties of people in general as a rule.

“Consequently, taking into account wellbeing and security of the general population by and large, the utilizing of all sort of vessels/Ferry Services in the Kamrup Metropolitan District is suspended w.e.f. from 28th May, 2020 night till 311 May, 2020 night subject to the downturn of the water level so as to maintain a strategic distance from untoward episode,” the request said.

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