Bridge collapses at Madkhot , Uttarakhand

Today a Bridge has just collapse in Madkhot. The bridge was a wooden bridge. This not the first time this has happen in Uttarakhand. This year many such land collapse was occaured.

Now there may be many theories why the land have collapse. But due to the change in the climate the the arrival of monsoon has also changed. You can see the incident on the video below.

This incident has occoured at Pithoragarh Munsyari road Madkhot. Now the continous rain has made this possible. The government has not given update on what they will do about the alternative road for the bridge.

The bridge is the result of so many days of rain. This was expected as reported by the locals. The rains was falling rapidly. The cause of the bridge fall was the rainfall as said by the locals.

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