Assam and Meghalaya escape heavy rain

After the great devastation seen on West Bengal, Odisha the Amphan was ready to hit the northeast. The government was expecting to hit the state. Meghalaya and Assam was mostly to be effected. But it seems that both the state have escape a hit.

Rain is expected in Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh and the wind can cause damage to trees. No strong winds are expected on May 22, said the IMD. The cyclone lays centred over Bangladesh as of now but there is no threat in Bangladesh.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said the typhoon, in the wake of leaving a path of decimation, debilitated into a cyclonic tempest over Bangladesh in the early hours on Thursday. Along these lines, it debilitated further into a profound wretchedness and lay fixated at 11.30 am on Thursday close to scope 25 degrees north and longitude 89.6 degrees east, around 300 km east-upper east of Kolkata, 110 km south-southeast of Dhubri and 80 km south-southeast of Rangpur (Bangladesh).

“It is probably going to keep on moving north-northeastwards and debilitate further into a downturn during the following three hours and further into an all around stamped low weight zone in the following 12 hours,” said local meteorological focus (RMC) representative executive general of meteorology, Sanjay O’Neill Shaw on Thursday evening.

Despite the fact that IMD climate stations didn’t record overwhelming precipitation in western Assam as an effect of Amphan, a few places in western Meghalaya got substantial precipitation on Thursday.

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