14 day lockdown in Gauhati – Strict Rules

The state government of Assam has made a new decision of making lockdown from this Sunday. The lockdown will be very strict. There will be no stores open. No Hotels or any wine shop will be available in the town.

Today The health Minister of Assam DR Himanta Bishwa Shrama has made it clear that there will be a very strict lock down in the the capital of the city. There will be very hard rules.

With no one from or outside Gauhati will be allowed to enter the city. Or any one in the city is allowed to go in the city in this 14 day lockdown. The first 7 days may be a cerfew if required. Making the lockdwon as tough as possible.

This lock down will have no relaxation for any shops like the grocery shops or the wine shops. And there will be no travel done in or outside the city in this 14 day period. And the first 7 days will be very hard as said by the health minister.

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