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Gippy Grewal Movies List 2023, Upcoming New Movies (Hit or Flop) Complete List

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi

Gippy Grewal Movies List 2023, Upcoming New Movies (Hit or Flop) Complete List

Grewal Movies List 2023, Upcoming New Movies (Hit or Flop) Complete List – As we embark upon the year 2023, ardent followers of Gippy Grewal eagerly anticipate his upcoming cinematic ventures, longing to witness his artistry once again on the grand silver screen. Throughout his illustrious career, Gippy Grewal has consistently delivered remarkable performances, captivating audiences with his diverse repertoire. From heartfelt romantic dramas to uproarious comedies, he has showcased his versatility, amassing a devoted fan base nationwide.


In this blog post, we shall delve into the movies featuring Gippy Grewal that are scheduled for release in 2023, thoroughly examining what lies ahead for this beloved actor-singer. Our focus will be on providing a comprehensive list of his upcoming films, accompanied by a thoughtful analysis of their potential commercial success. Below, we have mentioned the complete info about Gippy Grewal Movies List 2023, Upcoming New Movies (Hit or Flop) Complete List.

Overview – Gippy Grewal Movies List Upcoming Latest Movies

Article About  Gippy Grewal Movies List 2023, Upcoming New Movies (Hit or Flop) Complete List
Actor Gippy Grewal
Year 2023
Genre Action, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, etc
Language Punjabi

Gippy Grewal Upcoming New Movies List 2023

Gippy Grewal, a multi-talented artist in the Punjabi film industry, has not only established himself as an accomplished actor but also as a talented singer. One of his notable achievements in the music realm is the song “Angreji Beat,” which he co-wrote alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh. This chart-topping hit remains one of his biggest successes. Additionally, Gippy Grewal reached new heights with the movie “Mirza: The Untold Story,” which emerged as the highest-grossing film in Punjab during its release.

The Success of “Mirza: The Untold Story”

“Mirza: The Untold Story” resonated deeply with the audience and achieved remarkable financial success. It showcased Gippy Grewal’s versatility as an actor and cemented his status as a prominent figure in Punjabi cinema. The film’s overwhelming response further solidified Gippy Grewal’s position as a sought-after talent in the industry.

Gippy Grewal Movies List 2023 (Hits and Flops All Movies)


The Punjabi film industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, captivating audiences with its diverse range of releases. The upcoming films in 2023, such as “Shinda Shinda No Papa,” “Mitran Da Naa Chalda,” “Uchiyan Ne Gallan Tere Yaar Diya,” “Carry On Jatta 3,” “Manje Bistre 3,” and “Widow Colony,” hold the promise of fresh narratives, captivating performances, and that quintessential Punjabi charm.

Posti Movie: A Semi-Hit

One of the notable recent releases, “Posti,” stood out as a semi-hit, winning hearts with its compelling storyline and stellar performances. However, “Shava Ni Girdhari Lal” failed to resonate with viewers and disappointed at the box office. The Punjabi film industry has had its fair share of both successes and failures, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the industry.

Warning Movie: A Super Hit

Among the successful ventures, “Warning” emerged as a super hit in 2021, enthralling audiences with its gripping plot and powerful performances. Films like “Paani Ch Madhaani” and “Ik Sandhu Hunda Si” were also well-received, demonstrating the industry’s ability to create impactful stories that deeply connect with viewers. These films not only entertained but also left a lasting impression, highlighting the immense talent and creativity within Punjabi cinema.

Manje Bistre and Other Blockbusters

Several blockbusters, including “Carry on Jatta 2,” “Manje Bistre,” and “Lucky Di Unlucky Story,” struck a chord with audiences and became massive hits, solidifying their place as fan favorites. These films exemplified the industry’s ability to deliver top-notch entertainment while staying true to the essence of Punjabi culture. Their success further reinforces the Punjabi film industry’s prowess in creating engaging content that resonates with a wide range of viewers.

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Gippy Grewal Movies List 2023: Conclusion

Not all films in the Punjabi film industry have achieved resounding success. Alongside the hits, there have been movies that garnered average or even negative responses. It is crucial to acknowledge the industry’s ongoing struggle to strike the right chord with audiences and create commercially successful ventures.

Films like “Subedar Joginder Singh” received mixed reviews, despite the commendable efforts put into them. On the other hand, “Lucknow Central” and “Jihne Mera Dil Luteya” failed to make a significant impact at the box office. These instances serve as reminders of the challenges faced by the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Gippy Grewal’s real name?
A: Gippy Grewal’s real name is Rupinder Singh Grewal.

Q: In which movie did Gippy Grewal make his acting debut?
A: Gippy Grewal made his acting debut in the film “Mel Karde Rabba.”

Q: Apart from acting, what other talent does Gippy Grewal possess?
A: Gippy Grewal is also a gifted singer and musician.

Q: Which song by Gippy Grewal became a chart-topper?
A: The song “Phulkari” by Gippy Grewal became a chart-topping hit.

Q: How would you describe Gippy Grewal’s impact on the Punjabi entertainment industry?
A: Gippy Grewal has become a prominent figure in the Punjabi entertainment industry, leaving a lasting impact with his versatile performances and melodious songs.

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