Supreme Court backs daughter’s share in parental property

Support ladies’ offer in parental property, the Supreme Court on Tuesday kept up that girls are is qualified for equivalent directly over parental property as it as per the 2005 correction in the Hindu Succession Act. The Hindu Succession Act, which was revised in 2005, gives little girls equivalent rights in their familial resources.

The top court said a little girl can guarantee equivalent offer in family property independent of whether her dad was alive or not at the hour of the correction.

A three-judge seat, headed by Justice Arun Kumar Mishra, on Tuesday stated, “When a little girl, consistently a girl… a child is a child till he is hitched. The little girl will stay a coparcener (one who shares similarly with others in legacy of a unified joint family property) all through life, regardless of whether her dad is alive or not.”

The inquiry that asked the top court to offer the comments today was: “Does the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, which gave equivalent right to little girls in tribal property, has a review impact?”

The top court was hearing a clump of bids that raised the issue.

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