Post graduate in organic chemistry was making drugs, the price was 1400 crores


Mumbai Police Siezed Drugs: Mumbai Police seized over 700 kg of ‘mephedrone’ worth Rs 1,400 crore after raiding a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit at Nalasopara in Palghar district. The police have so far arrested five people in this case. An official has given this information on Thursday.

Police said that the Anti-Drug Cell (ANC) of Mumbai Crime Branch conducted raids here. According to the police officers, they had got secret information about this drug being here. When a team of ANC raided here, during that time they got information about making banned drug ‘Mephedrone’.

Banned drug mephedrone was making post graduate in chemistry

Police said that the person who was making this drug is a post graduate in organic chemistry and was using his knowledge to make drugs. Police officials said that four accused were arrested from Mumbai while another person has been arrested from Nalasopara for being involved in the trade of banned goods.

According to the police, this is the biggest success the police got in the recovery of drugs in the past. ‘Mephedrone’ is also called ‘meow meow’ or MD. It is banned under the National Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS).

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