‘PM Modi made a mistake in economic decisions’, Digvijay Singh told ABP News


Digvijay Singh Exclusive: Senior Congress leader and former CM Digvijay Singh told ABP News about the current politics happening in the country that I have always connected politics with ideology and have seen it through the prism of that. There is an ideology in this country which takes everyone along, this is the ideology of communal harmony, this is the Gandhian ideology. One ideology is leftist. There is a third ideology which uses religion as a weapon in politics. This ideology is against our Sanatani tradition. There is an ideology of hatred in power now.

He said that the decisions taken by PM Modi till date, such as the decisions taken at the time of demonetisation, GST, Kovid, the PM thinks after taking them. PM does not think before taking decisions. They have made mistakes in economic decisions. Today our economy is passing through a phase when the value of one dollar has reached 80 rupees. Earlier, during the tenure of Congress, Narendra Modi himself had made it an issue. Narendra Modi He raised the issue of black money, money in Swiss bank, but now the money deposited in Swiss bank has increased during his tenure. They had formed the SIT, but we have not received the report till date. Where is that black money? What happened in the Panama Papers case? It is impossible to question PM Modi because he does not do PC.

What did Digvijay Singh say on the allegations leveled against Ahmed Patel?

Regarding the allegations leveled against Ahmed Patel, he said that such statements definitely come before the elections in Gujarat. As soon as elections come, such statements start coming. Here the question is not of winning, losing the election, the question is of ideology. Victory and defeat are important ideas. The question is, on what ideology is this government working?

Digvijay Singh targeted the government regarding inflation

Regarding inflation, he said that the salary of the people in the country has not increased, but the expenses have increased. School fees, food items, petrol and diesel prices, prices have increased everywhere. Unemployment has increased in the country, but the government does not know what it is doing. Digvijay Singh said that PM Modi had said while demonetisation that fake currency would be stopped. Today, most of the fake currency is being caught in Gujarat. Black money also did not come back and terrorism has not ended in the country.

What did Digvijay Singh say on the National Herald case?

Regarding the ED’s questioning of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in the National Herald case, Digvijay Singh said that there was no transaction of money. Whatever allegations are being made are wrong. Allegations like theft, embezzlement are baseless. The Election Commission said that we have no objection. This is a complete political conspiracy, to defame the Nehru-Gandhi family.

The process of election of Congress President is going on- Digvijay Singh

Regarding the election of the President of Congress, Digvijay Singh said that the election of the President was held in 2017. Rahul Gandhi was elected unopposed as the President and he remained the President for two years. He resigned taking responsibility after the results went against us in the 2019 elections. After that the party decided that Sonia Gandhi will be the president and she is. Even today the process of election is going on. Elections will be held next month or by September. How many parties are there where such elections are held?

“BJP doesn’t believe in democracy”

After the elections in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress government was formed, which later fell, then why should the public trust the Congress in the next election. On this Digvijay Singh said that this was done not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in Goa, Maharashtra and many other places. BJP does not believe in democracy, it keeps it in money system. MLAs were given Rs 20-35 crore. Jyotiraditya Scindia is responsible for this in Madhya Pradesh. BJP has made ED a weapon. On the question of Hindutva, he said that I am shown as anti-Hindu. I have been to Ayodhya before and will go again. For me, religion is a question of faith, not politics.

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