National Education Policy 2020 : Analysis

Today we are doing an analysis on the education policy 2020. That is NEP 2020. Now this analysis is done by our team based on their unbaised opinion. Now there may be some thing does not come so well with then please comment.

Also we have divided the parts of discussion on various parts. The parts are as follows

  • Use of Technology
  • Autonomy of Educational Institutions
  • Vocational Education as a Bridge
  • An Instrument to Break away from Macaulayism
  • Focus on Teachers’ Training Programme
  • Redefines Purpose of Education
  • Restructure of the School Education System
  • 3 Language Formula
  • No Rigid Stream Structure
  • Single Regulator for Higher Education
  • Addressing Digital Divide

The NEP’s attention on Early Childhood Care and Education, i.e., ECCE was presumably the most significant perspective that will bigly affect the general framework. He said that the strategy endless supply of kids between 3 to 6 years of ages in the proper school instruction framework, along these lines establishing a solid framework for them, proceeding.

The New Education Policy’s attention on innovation was another significant viewpoint that had been imagined in the arrangement archive just as steps had been diagrammed for its usage with the setting up on National Educational Technology Forum. This gathering will encourage research, help in the advancement of computerized study materials and furthermore investigate creative manners by which innovation can be utilized to serve understudies.

The arrangement centers around compensating foundations that try towards greatness. Likewise setting up of ‘Foundations of Excellence’ in the fields of aesthetic sciences, that the arrangement discusses, will likewise achieve the truly necessary change from center around proficient courses and lead to consolidation of a multidisciplinary approach in advanced education.

The arrangement intends to utilize professional training to overcome any barrier between the understudies who leave schools and the individuals who are seeking after advanced education. He additionally included that NEP 2020 will permit understudies to discover their energy in an assortment of occupations through the large number of professional courses without being confined to the set number of decisions that Degree Colleges as of now offer.

Old and compartmentalized English instruction framework that was presented as a major aspect of British Colonial Rule. He included that the National Education Policy 2020 functioned as an instrument that features the holes in the old training framework while likewise demonstrating the manner by which we can address the necessities made by the on-going fourth Industrial upset for our future.

The new approach discusses acquiring organized improvement programs for educators, i.e., for both, those which are right now experiencing preparing, just as the individuals who are in-administration. He said that NEP gives space to the school heads to boost great execution of educators through remunerations

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