Nalbari is facing flood in this lockdown

As from 27 of June the whole state is experiencing a new lockdown. Nalbari is starting see flood specially its town area. There has been an constant rain from 26th of June. The rain is steadyly continuing. The bad drainage system has been shown.

The area of Jilioni Chwok which is at the heart of Nalbari town is facing flood. With one of the worst drainage system. This place has seen water comming to its own place about half meter in length.

The rain is not showing any sign of slowing down. And lockdown in place the people who are comming out is the people with medical emergency and the people repaled to COVID 19 rescue. Like the police, nurse and the doctors. They are having some unsatisfactory time. With Nalbari town not being not the most populated the town is experiencing son much of flood in its main town area. Rise question to the minicipility corporation.

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