Nalbari farmers demand more funds for agriculture sector

Nalbari farmers demand more funds for agriculture sector: Part of the farmers of Nalbari Strictly demanded more Funding to give an inspiration Which is the agricultural sector Suffered a severe set Back due to running lock Down.

20 lakh crore is mourning Announcing the economic package Center, by Jayacharan Haloi, who is Precio Nalbari district stone dent Clean Association, Dr. The state government should Come forward with an understanding Hensive plan to give a criterion Agriculture sector. “We are Economic Pack Appreciation The age has been announced by the Prime Minister Minister, but at the same time Time, a complete economic This must be re-planned Guard, ”he said.

The farmer, who has huge Experience in agriculture Prosperity, said that the second Tor is the backbone State economy, and The demand of Nalbari farmers is high Funding for the agricultural sector Previously, the state government A complete one should be prepared Plan.

He also claimed State Government To attract fake plans Young people towards agriculture. “A pension scheme will include- “Obliged for farmers,” he said Suggested.

Similarly, Nirmal Halai, He is also a leading farmer District, informed that The farmer has made a huge expense Loss of seeing the novel Naviras epidemic, but Can be reduced by damage Properly implemented The economic package “is one Positive steps in part The center will improve that Agriculture, Party employment generation -Ment, ”he said. It can be mentioned here Nalbari economy Based on district agriculture- ture. Young people, who have Back in the district, will Able to cut its benefits Economic package.

Meanwhile, after the new relaxation Announced by the government ernment, agricultural activities The bond is slowly growing In the district.

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