Meghalaya: Another specialist in Shillong tests COVID19 positive

by Nabarun Kumar Dutta

Patients in East Khasi Hills region are presently in a troublesome time as specialists of two emergency clinics in Shillong city, including the Civil Hospital and Nazareth Hospital, have tried positive for COVID19.

The most recent specialist, who tried positive, as indicated by the Meghalaya government, is a specialist from Nazareth Hospital.

Notwithstanding, no appropriate data was shared on the specialist from Nazareth Hospital not at all like the specialist from Shillong Civil Hospital who tried positive.

On account of the common medical clinic’s primary care physician, the legislature shared appropriate data including the means taken to contain the spread of the infection in the common emergency clinic.

Chief Health Services (MI), Dr Aman War had just educated that among the 52 new positive cases identified on Friday, one is a specialist from Nazareth Hospital.

Unsubstantiated sources said the specialist has been on leave for a couple of months at this point and is yet to continue obligation in the medical clinic.

No staff of Nazareth Hospital could reveal insight into the specialist of the clinic who has purportedly tried “positive.”

Many proposed that the legislature or the authority of Nazareth Hospital ought to have educated the open appropriately, had the specialist been tried constructive, and the sort of measures being removed to keep the individuals from dread and disarray.

When reached, no manager of Nazareth Hospital was accessible.

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