Lockdown Extended till 19 July in Gauhati

The lockdown has been extended has been extended from 12 July to 19 July 2020. These lockdown will stop the use of private vehical. The offices regardless being private of government should stop.

All business should not be done except some of the specific like the grocery, Medical store and the Vegetable. These rules will have some exception to the rule in some cases. As in Medical emergency you can use private vehical.

This lockdown will have some relaxation in that the previous year lockdown. Now Gauhati will face these lockdown from Monday to Friday.

The Industrial will stay suspended until the industry make sure that the workers work in the industry have place to live and don’t come out of the industry.

And people without any reason any rome around the road. Medical services will start but will work with only 20 % of work force.

This lockdown allows you to sell vegetable and fruits in going home. The time will be from 10 am to 4 pm. But only between Monday and Friday. Milk business can continue their work but can’t go out in the road.

Agricultural work is continued but 5 days in the week. Bakery can open their shop but only 4 days in the week. Print and electronic media can work but make sure that at least member go out.


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