Locals kill leopard in Guwahati

People again displayed their boorish nature in Guwahati on Sunday.

The townspeople of Katahbari region in the city killed a panther on Sunday morning.

As per the townspeople, the panther has been making dread in the region for as long as a few days.

The nearby inhabitants laid a snare and executed the panther early morning.

Comparable occurrences of individuals killing creatures have become a typical practice as of late in Assam.

The man-creature struggle has been rising quickly in light of the contracting of backwoods spread.

“Panthers come out of the timberland looking for food and enter human residence,” said a Forest authority.

The Forest authority further opined that the office has been attempting to make mindfulness among the residents about the significance of panthers in the eco-framework.

The authority said the Forest office has been convincing the townspeople to abstain from executing the peopards.

In the interim, Gorchuk police have seven people this association.

Be that as it may, the characters of the captured people are not known right away.

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