KKHSOU Back Paper: Fees, Course, Form, Challan

KKHSOU Back Paper: Fees, Course, Form, Challan: Back And Betterment Rules are very complex to understand. These rules of the challan and for are different for KKHSOU.  The KKHSOU Back Paper are very easy idea to under stand it has a basic fee. And the whole process is easy.What is the amount to be paid for form fill up of Back examination?How are duplicate documents issued? These question will answered. How to fill and submit the Challan. And  What is the procedure for rechecking of Examination Script?How much time is required to get the results? Will be solved.

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KKHSOU Back Paper Fees

The Back fees will vary from subject to subject. Now it will different things according to tour stream and type of course you choose.

The fees of examination form fill up for back candidates, regular candidates and betterment candidates (Master Degree only) are same. The fees are as follows- Examination Center fees- Rs. 400/- (for Master Degree only), Rs. 300/- (for Other all) Examination fees per paper- Rs. 200/- Mark sheet fees- Rs. 100/- Late fine fees- Rs. 200/- (if a candidate pay examination fee after due date with prior permission) The details are available in the university prospectus.
KKHSOU Back Paper

KKHSOU Back And Betterment Rules

(i) For clearing a programme, a minimum of 35% marks (which comprise the marksobtained from term-end examination and home assignments, where individualpass mark in home assignment is 30%) have to be secured by a learner in eachcourse. Maximum four attempts are allowed in each course to clear Backsubject/course, if any. Bachelor Degree course must be completed withinmaximum eight years.

ii) Back in Aggregate (for Master Degree Programme only) : If a learner fails toget 45% marks in aggregate despite of getting pass marks in individual courses,the learner will not be eligible to get the Master Degree. Such a learner will be allowed to appear in any number of Course(s) (Theory part of the Programme)in any Semester for improving his/her aggregate percentage. However, the learner will have to complete the course within the maximum duration prescribed by the University, for example, six years in case of Masters. Moreover, maximum four attempts in one course/paper is allowed.

(iii) The learner pursuing Master Degree shall be provided with the option of appearing for Betterment. Only one chance will be given to candidates for betterment in the immediate next examination. To appear for betterment, a candidate has to apply using specific betterment form which will be available in the website. Betterment chance can be availed only for two courses in one Semester, and is applicable only to those candidates who have passed all the papers in single attempt.

(iv) If a learner applies for Betterment, and later choose not to appear in the betterment exam, then he/she must inform it in writing to the exam branch of KKHSOU to avoid future problem in result.



Results of Examinations are declared by the university after all the processes of evaluation, scrutiny and tabulation is completed.

Withheld results are cleared within 30 days from the date of issue of marksheets subject to submission of required documents within that time by the learner/study centre. The University will consider a learner as ‘failed in the concerned subject(s)/examination’ if the required data/document(s) are not submitted within 90 days from the date of declaration of results and the learner will have to appear the examination again in the next session.

In case of ‘withheld for no marks’ (in result) i.e. if assignment marks are not receivedby the examination branch of KKHSOU, then the coordinator of the concerned studycentre and/or the concerned candidates need to furnish the evidence of submission ofsuch marks, if there is any, to the examination branch of KKHSOU within stipulated time.

If the coordinator admits in writing that the learner/candidate has already submitted the assignment in the study centre, but the coordinator failed to submit it inthe examination branch, then the coordinator may submit the assignment marks along with the original copies of assignments to the examination branch of KKHSOU with requisite fee, if any, within stipulated time.

After stipulated time, no assignment/assignment marks will be accepted and the learner will have to submit the assignment again in the next session after filling up new examination form and paying requisite fee.

A learner may apply for re-scrutiny, photocopy of answer script and revaluation of theory papers only by filling up the prescribed form and paying the requisite fees to the university within the stipulated time, which is presently 1 month from the date of issue of marksheet.

The learner can apply for re-scrutiny and photocopy together or re-scrutiny and re-evaluation together or re-scrutiny, photocopy and re-evaluation together also.However, the learner cannot apply for photocopy or re-evaluation without applying for re-scrutiny. Re-evaluation can also be applied within 14 days of publication of re-scrutiny results.

No application will be accepted after the stipulated time

Answer-scripts are kept in the custody of COE up to one year from the date of examination. After one year no answer-scripts are kept in the examination branch and no application in this regard will be accepted.

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