Home of dreams of thousands of people entangled in politics and scams, just waiting for tears in their eyes


Patra Chawl Scam: Between politics and government files in the Patra Chawl case, who will listen to those who have put their lives at stake in the name of builders for their own house. The sorrow of those people for the last 12 years can be seen in the eyes of those who are still hoping that they will get their shelter. The truth of the Patra Chawl scam is that not only the houses of the old 670 residents there were trapped, but the deposits of thousands of people in the multi-storey buildings built on 47 acres of land in the chawl were trapped in the hope of a house. Is.

Dreams shattered in politics and scams

Even though Shiv Sena veteran Sanjay Raut is in the custody of the ED in the Patra Chawl scam case. Sanjay Raut’s friend Praveen Raut who was doing the redevelopment of Patra Chawl is in jail. In the midst of all these games, those people who gave their land and gave their house and till date they have not got their home. Because of this scam, there are hundreds of other people who booked houses with their hard earned money in big buildings of big builders of Mumbai being built on 47 acres of land of Patra chawl, spent lakhs of rupees in booking the house but Even after years have passed, they still haven’t found their home.

Homeless from their own home, complaining with tears in their eyes
People with tears in their eyes and complaining to the Maharashtra government who have become homeless today, who used to live in chawls and had handed over their land and house builder 15 years ago in the desire of getting a good house. They were made homeless in the name of redevelopment and till date they have not got a home.

Big multi-storey buildings that have stood on the chawl land and are lying deserted, some are incomplete, some are almost complete. But thousands of flats in these buildings are also waiting for their owners. Those who come daily, roam the streets and see their dream house in ruins and their dreams buried in the files in these unfinished standing buildings. These people had once booked their dream house in these multi-storey buildings standing on 47 acres of land in Patra Chawl. 12 years passed but the dream of a new house could not be fulfilled.

Somebody sold the house – someone invested hard earned money

Today, on the pretext of Patra Chawl, the house of these people has become a victim of scam and politics. Someone has sold his old house to buy this house, then someone retires waiting for the house, then someone’s mother has passed away while waiting for the house. Even though they have invested money to buy expensive houses, but the pain of not getting the house starts showing in their eyes while talking.

People told painful tales-

For a house in a multi-storey building being built in Patra Chawl, TS Vishwakarma told that he used to do a government job in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Vishwakarma’s family, living in a one BHK flat in Mumbai, was growing up with time. Vishwakarma ji made a plan to get a 2BHK flat in the year 2010. Then he came to know that some new house projects have started in Patra Chawl of Goregaon. He reached Patra Chawl with his son and inquired about this project being started called Meadows. Everything seemed fine and he booked the house but till date his house has not been found.

Mr. Vishwakarma now visits this unfinished and dilapidated building with his son every month. According to Vishwakarma ji, he had invested all his retirement money in this house. Thought that old age would be spent in a new house with children, but the dream of a big house remained incomplete and lakhs of rupees were wasted. Devraj Pipaliya, a businessman by profession, tells that he wanted to marry his son by taking a new house in this building called Meadows, wanted to bring his new daughter-in-law to a new and big house, but his dream remained a dream. This building was caught in such a scam that the dream of his house was shattered and lakhs of rupees are also seen being wasted in this incomplete dilapidated building.

Troubled by age-related problems, Mr. Garg, a CA by profession, is trapped in the law by investing lakhs in Patra Chawl Project Meadows of Praveen Raut’s Guru Kripa Construction Company in such a way that a file of legal documents has been prepared. His wife Neelam Garg tells how her money got sunk in this project of the house in Patra Chawl.

What is Patra Chawl controversy, how did the scam happen?

HDIL’s sister company Guru Kripa Construction in Patra Chawl owned by Sanjay Raut’s friend Praveen Raut. He had sold part of 47 acres of land here to about 8 builders. According to the rules and regulations, these builders could neither build nor sell their entire building till then. Unless the real residents here get a redevelopment building and they get their homes.

The existing committee of residents of Patra Chawl alleges that the builder, the then officials of MHADA and the office bearers of their old committee together committed a huge scam with them. Due to which these multi-storey buildings got erected but their redevelopment building could not be built or house could be found and money of people who have booked houses in these big buildings are also stuck.

People handed over land under redevelopment

It is also alleged by the existing Patra Chawl Committee that the builder, MHADA together sold their share of the land to the builders. According to President Rajesh Dalvi, the residents of Patra Chawl were to be given houses on about 13 acres of land under redevelopment, but the building was built on only four and a half acres and the remaining 8 acres of their share was also sold to the builders. .

At present, when all the victims of Patra Chawl scam will get their houses, we tried to talk to the responsible builder and officials of MHADA on this issue but no one got any response.

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