Gauhati University website hacked : Again

The Gauhati University Website has been hacked again in a phase of 1 year. Not so long before the website were hacked. This is a certain concern as data is becoming so venerable. The site of Gauhati University ( was hacked for certain hours on Friday by some obscure programmers.

The programmers even took steps to unveil each mystery of the college if their requests are not satisfied.

When somebody opens the site, the landing page streaks the accompanying message-“Counterfeit FREE ADMISSION? Amazing! You all REALLY LOVE TO GET HACKED! DON’T YOU?”

“KhanBaris. Ok s**t! Here we go once more! Becoming alive once again!” the message further includes.

Including further it says, “We should discuss the issue? Directly forthright! What the f**k you all are up to Guwahati University? Do you by any chance skill much understudies are battling for test expenses and affirmation?”

“Let us straightforwardly intimation you folks (GU authorities) in! This HACK is “NOT” for the sake of entertainment. We can gain admittance to each and everything Guwahati University actually possesses! You all better watch your back,” the message includes further.

“Either GU ought to smother their called tests charges and affirmation expenses. Or on the other hand GU should CANCEL EXAMS,” it included.

“Understudies! WE ARE FIGHTING FOR YOU! WE WANT hashtag #GUGOTREKT #OP_KHANBARIS slanting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook,” the message on the hacked landing page additionally read.

A YouTube video message is likewise shared toward the end.

In the video, an adolescent lashes out at the GU experts for requesting that understudies take affirmation when Guwahati is under 14-day lockdown.

“At the point when most understudies don’t realize web banking and attempting to orchestrate a piece of food, in such a circumstance how could the specialists even envision of declaring confirmation,” the speaker in the video said. When the news report was readied, the GU specialists had cut down the site. This isn’t the first occasion when that somebody has hacked the GU site as it was hacked a few times before also.

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