Gauhati University Result 2020- BA BSc Bcom & PG Result

Gauhati University Result 2020- BA BSc Bcom & PG Result: Gauhati University has recently finished its exams. And they are ready to give their results. They have already given results of some subjects. And will soon give the results of the others. You can check here the result of G.U. Here we will give the whole process how to check the Gauhati University B.A results. Also how to check the Gauhati University B.Sc results.You can check the result for all the semesters from 1st semester to 6th semester. Download the you result for Gauhati University. You can download the PDF of the G.U results 2020. This is the result of TDC 1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester, 4th semester, 5th semester and 6th semester.

Here the the result is about Bachelor in Arts (BA), Bachelor in Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor in Science (BSc). This is a three year program. Download the degree result for Gauhati University. We will show you and able to how to download the G.U result from the G.U PORTAL.

Gauhati University (GU) Result for B.A

CBCS BA 1st Sem (Major)Download
CBCS BA 1st Sem (General)Download
BA 3rd Semester (Major)Download
BA 3rd Semester (General)Download
BA 5th Semester (Major)Download
BA 5th Semester (General)Download

Entrance result for G.U

Gauhati University has lots of subjects in the graduation level. Now the most of the subjects have both major/honors and Pass course. Now To check the  Bachelor in Arts (BA) results you need to follow the steps given here. There are more than 20 subjects in B.SC. The most of the subjects are interlinked. So the in most of the time the result is given at the same time. You can check here the results for English, political science, history, economics and more. Here you can check the result for the B.A 5th semester arrear result. Also you can check the B.A 1ST, 2ND , 3RD, 4RTH, 5TH and 6TH semester arrear result. Download the Result for the regular courses.

Gauhati University (GU) Result for B.SC


We all know the how good Gauhati University is. It has 10 to 15 science subjects in it. You will teach you how to check B.A results for Gauhati University. There are both Major/ Honors and Pass Course subjects for B.SC. You can check results for Zoloogy, Botany, mathematics and more.You can check here the results for regular courses and the arrear course. Now there are different ways to check the regular and arrear courses. Check here G.U results for backs.

G.U Result for B.COM

B.COM ResultDownload

B.COM course it bit different than B.SC and B.A. It has different subjects and it changes according to your major or pass course. And the marks weightage also change. Now you will have subjects like Accountancy, Finance and more. All these subjects have its own importance. Most of the major students have to give all the subjects. But the in some major some subjects are important and some are not. So according to your subject you have to focus on the subject. You can here get B.COM result for Gauhati University 2020.

PG Result for Gauhati University 2020

Gauhati University Result

Gauhati University has lots of PG courses and its affiliated courses. It has about 30 PG courses. You can check the Post graduate result for Assamese, Political science and more. You can check GU Portal Result here. Get the latest result for G.U. Also get the PDF marks sheet and more. Download you PDF here. If there is any problem in the result. Or the students has any problem than they can apply for more thing.  If the candidates are not satisfied with the marks awarded then he/ she can apply for Gauhati University Revaluation. There process of the reevaluation is here.

Gauhati University Arrear Result 2020

We know the types of problem we face during our backs. And the result looking system is bit different here. You can Gauhati University arrear result 2020. The arrear is given when you failed to pass an exam. Due to any circumstance. The circumstances may be different. But you must give the arrear exam in order to pass the exam. The last year or the year before than can give the examination. The rules are same for all the arrears students. You have to apply for the arraer exam during the registration period. You may have any reason.

Gauhati University result for CBCS

Recently University has introduced the new CBCS system. The CBCS system allows you to choose more subjects according to your own style. It a great implementation. And it will impact the education system in a right way.The system has a right way of dealing things. So now in the university there are two batch of students some are CBCS and some are NON CBCS. So there are two set of things for two types of students. You can check the result for CBCS at G.U. 

When Gauhati University Result 2020 will be announced?

As the results is generally submitted on the moth of April and may. This year due to different circumstances the result had delayed a bit. But results of some subjects has been given. So you can check the results of the subjects that has been given. And click at the given link to know when the other subjects will give its results. G.U result 2020 for ba released soon.

About Gauhati University

Gauhati University is the best Universities in the whole north east. It has more collages than any other University in the Northeast. It releases more than 5 lakh results every 6 month.With more than 10 courses in the whole university and its affiliated colleges. It has about 300 affiliated colleges in Assam. And about 30 PG affiliate colleges in the State.

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