Frenzy holds occupants of North Assam as Subansiri stream streams over Gerukamukh dam

Frenzy grasped the inhabitants of the downstream regions of the Subansiri waterway as rising waters of the stream have been streaming over the 2000 MW Lower Subansiri Hydro Electrical Power venture at Gerukamukh along Assam-Arunachal Pradesh outskirt since Sunday night.

The stream has been in flood because of relentless rains around there covering the slopes of neighboring Arunachal Pradesh.The flooding Subansiri additionally immersed many introduced hardware and other framework in the LHEP site.The advancements incited different associations to hold an open gathering in Gogamukh where pioneers of AASU, AJYCP, TMPK and others calling for bound together activity against the development of the super dam on Subansiri.An assignment of different associations and understudies bodies visited the LSHEP site at Gerukamukh on Monday.

The National Hydro Electrical Power Corporation (NHPC), which is building the dam, indicated the meeting associations the most recent condition of the site.An authority from NHPC said that most recent regular wonder was very ordinary to the plan of the super structure.He clarified that according to arranging, development time of LSHEP was considered for seven months during non-storm period from October to April.

“Upstream coffer dam 31m high at 100m upstream of dam hub and downstream coffer dam 21m at 100m downstream are developed to redirect the stream water through preoccupation passages to encourage dam development during non-rainstorm period,” the authority told this journalist.

The authority further said that the preoccupation plot was intended to provide food for non-rainstorm floods while coffer dams were relied upon to get harmed during storm flood from May to September and in that capacity, required revamping before attempted work in ensuing working seasons.

The principle dam was built more than 30m above bed level, the upstream coffer dam was not any more required to redirect the waterway through preoccupation burrows.

Downstream coffer dam is required to stop the reverse of the stream coming out of the redirection passage to the spillway territory during non-rainstorm months.

“As such washing endlessly of coffer dam during storm period is a typical occasion for the LSHEP,” said the official.On flooding of stream over the dam the NHPC official said that according to arranging from the monetary thought, the redirection burrows were intended to occupy waterway water up to 4550 cum/sec which is 1 of every 25 years non-storm surge of 7 months from October to April.

During rainstorm period, at whatever point stream of water is in excess of 4550 cum/sec, abundance water will stream over the dam during development period.

“So during development period, flooding of water during rainstorm period consistently is ordinary event,” clarified the authority.

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