Covid-19 Jumps Indians’ study abroad dreams into turmoil

India : January 2020, he was waitlisted by UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in California, and was approached to send more data to support his case for affirmation.

“Along these lines, I quit my steady occupation of five years and began working with a psychological health fire up as a specialist,” Mr Singh says.

“I’m on a significant compensation cut on the grounds that the motivation behind joining this organization wasn’t to win cash, however to increase the value of my application.”

Luckily, he was acknowledged at Berkeley, and was because of start his course in September.

Colleges dread fall in worthwhile abroad understudies

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Be that as it may, at that point the world changed as Covid-19 spread, diving the short term into vulnerability.

Mr Singh is one of a huge number of Indian understudies who were wanting to concentrate abroad. Yet, presently they are not exactly sure what will happen given universal travel limitations, new social removing standards and the sheer vulnerability of what the following scarcely any months will bring.

After China, India sends a greater number of understudies to another country to concentrate than some other nation – more than one million Indians were seeking after advanced education programs abroad starting at July 2019, as per India’s remote service.

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