Cotton University B.A. in Liberal Arts

Cotton University B.A. in Liberal Arts : This is a 3 year undergraduate course. This is the first time in Northeast when someone is bringing this type of course. This course has many different pros and cons. We will discuss about the B.A in Liberal Arts. This is a great step by the cotton University. It is designed in line with the latest draft National Education Policy(2019)which emphasizes Liberal Arts as the futuristic substitute for monochromatic B.A. programmes existing in most Higher Education Institutions in India.

There are obviously some questions on your mind like what is liberal arts? What is B.A in Liberal Arts? How it is different from other undergraduate degrees?

Here we will try to answer this all questions. This brought under the consideration of UGC. This course will allow you to get more things out of the education. And will give you the freedom to explore.

B.A in Liberal Arts at Cotton University – Detail

Here are the required detail about the B.A. Liberal Arts at cotton university. The course duration and more are available here.

University Cotton University  
Course B.A in Liberal Arts  
Duration 3 years  
Application form Click here  
Approved by UGC yes  
Stream Arts  

About B.A in Liberal Arts in Cotton University ?

Students will take up foundation courses in the first and second semesters of the programme. A student will choose any four subjects as foundation courses from a given pool of diverse subjects across disciplines such as English, Economics, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Education, Statistics, Sociology, Geography and Environmental Science in each of the two semesters (in the second semester, out of the four courses, maximum two subjects common to those studied in the first semester).The idea of studying foundation courses is to allow the students A Brief about B.A. in Liberal Arts“The basic purpose of a liberal arts education is to liberate the human being to exercise his or her potential to the fullest.” -Barabara M. White American ambassador, educator and civil servant The new B.A. in Liberal Arts of Cotton University is a three-year Bachelor’s Degree programme, first of its kind in Assam and Northeast India.It is designed in line with the latest draft National Education Policy(2019)which emphasizes Liberal Arts as the futuristic substitute for monochromatic B.A. programmes existing in most Higher Education Institutions in India. With the introduction of this programme in the next academic session, Cotton University envisions itself as a pioneering National Educational Institute that offers Liberal Arts under a public education system, in accordance with the norms and regulations of the UGC.sufficient time to develop interest towards a particular subject and to identify the subject that can help him/her in achieving future goal

Core Course: The core or major course is offered to the students in the third semester which continues till the sixth semester.From the foundation courses offered in the first two semesters, a student will choose one core course forintensive study till the final semester of the programme.

Elective Course: An elective course is one which can be chosen from a pool of courses such as Archaeology, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Art History,Tribal Studies, Veda Studies, Sanskrit, Assamese, Data Analysis, Business Mathematics, Gender Studies, Legal Studies, Public Policy, International Relations, and Library and Information Science. Such a course seeks to provide students with exposure to other disciplines/subjects. Elective courses are offered in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth semesters.

Cotton University B.A. in Liberal Arts

What is liberal Arts?

A strong all around grounded Liberal Arts training framework in India is a need of great importance and is integral to introduce day global creative mind. Organizations with an attention on Liberal Arts training mean to create human asset fit for taking care of unpredictable issues through levelheaded and basic reasoning. This will help you to have freedom on your studies.

Why Cotton University B.A in Liberal arts is a good course?

A degree in Liberal Arts opens up a plenty of vocation choices and an understudy can fan out into various professions, for example, scholastics, overseeing remote issues and international safe havens, arrangement innovative work, medicinal services organization, social work, common administrations, customer adjusting, promoting, banking and significantly more. With a Liberal Arts certificate, an understudy can accept different jobs such astranslator/mediator, specialized essayist, financial expert, social scientist, analyst, HR pro, Public Relations authority and some more.

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