Concern over violation of containment zone in Sonitpur

Fourteen additional people were tried COVID-19 constructive on Tuesday evening in Assam’s Sonitpur area.Quite, among the 14 people, 13 are representatives of Solmara Army Cantonment.Following the expansion in COVID-19 positive cases, the locale organization has till date announced 11 regions as regulation zones in the area.

The area organization educated this journalist that the dynamic regulation zones are Hirajuli TE (Dhekiajuli), Ward No3 Rangapara, No1 Dolabari (Tezpur), Bhojkhowa (Tezpur), Kewarichuk (Jamuguri Nagsankar), Chanmari (Tezpur), Mazgaon Marabharalipar (Tezpur), Namonigaon (Rangapara), Keherukhunda (Dhekiajuli), Japikhujiya, BP Tiniali (close Tezpur) and Ward No3, Bortal Road (Dhekiajuli).

Then, in Rangapara town territory a sharp response is activated among the individuals following affirmed infringement of regulation zone standards under COVID-19 convention.In the town, an aggregate of 14 people were tried COVID-19 constructive.Simultaneously, individuals claimed that however according to regulation zone standards under the COVID-19 convention section to the region is carefully denied, one Sanjit Saha (Sonu) abusing such a limitations entered a control zone with a stacked truck which chafed the individuals of the region and requested that the organization make fundamental strides against such infringement.

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