Coffer dyke penetrated as landslide proceeds in LSHEP site in Gerukamukh

The Subansiri waterway on Friday penetrated the coffer dyke at the under-development 2000 MW Lower Subansiri Hydro Electrical Plant at Gerukamukh.

Relentless downpour in the locale and in the slopes of neighboring Arunachal Pradesh has been causing customary avalanches close to the dam site since May 26.

When reached a NHPC official at Gerukamukh said coffer dykes were transitory structures built on the Subansiri to work during the lean season.

These were produced using earth fillings gathered from the waterway bed.

“In each storm, these coffer dykes, which are not solid structures are cleared away by the solid flows of the waterway,” said a NHPC official.

“The breaking of coffer dykes are no danger for the dam or for the individuals in its downstream territories,” the authority included.

Avalanches in the region near the LSHEP site have been harming the cladding of the redirection passages of the waterway.

In the interim in North Lakhimpur alarm grasped individuals living on the riverbank regions of Ranganadi as updates on arrival of dam water from the 500 MW Ranganadi Hydro Electrical Power plant by North Eastern Electrical Power Corporation (NEEPCO) at Yazali, Arunachal Pradesh.

The region organization in North Lakhimpur has alarmed the individuals living on the riverbank regions of Ranganadi following suggestion by NEEPCO at Yazali.

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