Careful! The Internet is now being Hacked in a New Way

The internet has made jobs very easy to find, but there are some dangers. False people have started hunting people through the Internet in the name of work. There are often reports that someone cheated in the name of getting a job, then someone cheated on the name of getting a roll in the film or TV serial. So whenever you are looking for a job online, take care of some things or you may have to bear the loss.

Learn more, how to survive, by the fraudsters cheating on the name of getting the job done…

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1. Beware of new Facebook friends
Be careful if you fond of someone online and offer jobs or gifts. If a new Facebook friend asks for a fee in exchange for a job, then understand that the matter is a mess. He will take money from you and then deactivate the account will disappear and disappear. Many such cases have come up.
2. Read the email address carefully
If you receive mail from a recruiter or company and have their account created on free email services like Yahoo, Live, Hotmail and Gmail, be careful. It is possible that they will be scammers. Email related to jobs comes from corporate email accounts only.
3. No one will test you without the job
Always keep in mind that reputable companies and a Bollywood celebrity will not be able to offer a non-roll offer for your interview or screen test. Only after seeing your abilities and experience, nobody will work for you. So if you are giving direct jobs, then investigate.
4. Be careful if you get offers without applying
If you get an offer of a job on your inbox for which you have not applied for it, it can be bogus and try to cheat you through it. If there is an offer that is difficult to believe, then it is wise to not believe it.

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5. Read the URL of the website carefully
Scammers often use fake URLs (web addresses) to make people victim by adopting someone else’s identity. They make websites that look like websites of big companies or create similar emails. Therefore, before applying for job etc. on any website, please check the website’s URL.
6. Do not share personal information
If you ask for your personal information in the name of getting a job, do not share it at all. Based on your name, father’s name and date of birth, fraudsters can try to break into your other accounts and even bank accounts.
Now all things have become digital. From banking to shopping, everybody gets online and gets stolen online too. Yes, now thieves can loot you by staying online. In such a situation, there is need to be alert. Avoid some carelessness and some important things can be understood. Here we are asking you some very common questions, you answer yes and no, and then see what the consequences of doing this and what side-effects can be.

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