Captain Yogendra Yadav kept fighting even after getting 15 bullets, hoisted the tricolor in the Kargil battle

by Dhrubajyoti Haloi


Independence Day 2022: The way in which countless people had sacrificed their lives to liberate our country from the slavery of the British, celebrating the 75th year of independence. Even after independence, to maintain the security, unity and integrity of the country, the soldiers of the country have protected their motherland even after facing every trouble. One such son of the country is ‘Captain Yogendra Yadav’. In this article, we will tell you about his bravery and might-

When all the companions were martyred-

It was 5th July 1999. 25 soldiers of 18 grenadiers were advancing. During this, the soldiers of Pakistan attacked. Pakistanis were firing from a height, so they were dominating. Therefore 18 out of 25 soldiers had to retreat and 7 soldiers were left at the front. In which Yogendra Yadav was also included. These seven soldiers killed many Pakistani soldiers. But as soon as the number of Indian soldiers was less, many Pakistani soldiers reached there and there was tremendous firing from both sides. In this, seven soldiers got bullets. Except Yogendra Yadav, all his other 6 companions were martyred there.

15 bullets fired yet Pakistani soldiers killed –

Yogendra Yadav’s fellow 6 soldiers had been martyred. Yogendra Yadav was also in an absolutely dying state. There was only a little breath left in him. Pakistanis thought that Yogendra was not alive. While searching the Indian soldiers, the Pakistanis could not find a grenade which was kept in Yogendra Yadav’s pocket.

Even though Yogendra had been hit by many bullets, but he had only one thing in his mind that how to destroy the enemy. He mentally prepared himself again and took out the grenade from his pocket and threw it at the Pakistani soldier despite being badly injured. His aim was perfect. The grenade blew up the Pakistani soldier. As long as other Pakistani soldiers could manage to pick up the rifle lying nearby, Yogendra Yadav started firing and killed the Pakistanis.

Important information given by going to colleagues-

After killing Pakistani soldiers, he jumped into a drain running nearby. In which he was successful in going to his fellow Indian soldiers and high officials. When he was jumping from the drain, a Pakistan Wireless lying nearby was being said to attack the Indian base. Yogendra gave this information to his superior before becoming unconscious. After which the Indian soldiers were fully prepared to give a befitting reply to the Pakistanis.

Even after getting 15 bullets, he remained alive-

Call it charisma or Yogendra Yadav’s vitality, but even after 15 bullets and a lot of blood was shed from the body, Yogendra Yadav survived. A few months back, he retired after serving as an army officer for a long time.

Awarded Param Vir Chakra-

Yogendra Yadav, who beat Pakistani soldiers for the defense of the country with his bravery, valor and patriotism, was awarded the highest military honor Param Vir Chakra. He currently lives in Aurangabad Ahir village located in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. The whole country salutes Yogendra Yadav for his service to the country.

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