Assam University Syllabus 2020- CBCS, M.A,M.SC, B.A

Assam University Syllabus 2020- CBCS, M.A,M.SC, B.A: Assam University is one of the very few universities that are under central universities. They offer  a lot of courses. And all course are now under CBCS course. You will find the Assam University syllabus here. You can get syllabus for M.SC, M.A and B.A. All the available courses are quite good. The courses are at very good level. Candidate can download the syllabus needed for the course. You can find courses for M.Sc in Physics, M.Sc in Chemistry, M.Sc in Mathematics, M.Sc. in Statistics. There are plenty of good faculty for the teaching of these subjects. They have very level of course. The course may vary the the teaching style does not. 

The CBCS syllabus is the latest syllabus. As it allows you to the freedom to select more and more subject. You can get the syllabus for B.A, B.SC and diploma and more. You will get PDF format in the syllabus.

Assam University Syllabus for MA

Assam university offers a lot of subjects for M.A. Here you can download the syllabus for M.A. You will have subjects like Bengali, Political Science, English, Urdu. You will have have least eligibility criteria for these subjects. In most of the cases you will have to give entrance to get into the university. You can Download Syllabus for M.A for Assam University. The syllabus for a the subjects are the latest. The teachers of Assam University has made the syllabus in a very nice way. The courses and the syllabus in quite linked with the  modern worlds problem.

SubjectDownload Syllabus
M.A. in Linguistics 
M.A. in Bengali 
M.A. in Hindi 
M.A. in Indian Comparative Literature 
M.A. in Manipuri 
M.A. in Sanskrit 
M.A. in English 
M.A. in Urdu 
M.A. in Economics 
M.A. in Political Science 
M.A. in History 
M.A. in Sociology 
Master of Social Work 
M.A. in Mass Communication 
M.A. in Education 
M.A. in Geography 
M.A. in Assamese 


Assam University Syllabus for M.SC

Assam University is very good university. These universities have quite good faculty. The science stream here is quite good. They have a very detail based system. The M.SC students here have achieved here a lots of things around the world.  You can download the syllabus for Assam University for M.SC. Here you will find subjects like statistics, Physics, chemistry and more. All the syllabus here are in CBCS curriculum. You will find one of the best teacher in the state these teachers are quite good at their teaching. And has a quite good level of experience. You will also find the syllabus for TDC MSC, BSC and more.

M.Sc in Physics 
M.Sc in Chemistry 
M.Sc in Mathematics 
M.Sc. in Statistics 
M.Sc in Life Science & Bioinformatics 
M.Sc in Microbiology 
M.Sc in Biotechnology 
M.Sc in Earth Science 
M.Sc in Anthropology 
M.Sc in Computer Science 
M.Sc (INTEGRATED) in Computer Science 
M.Sc. in Geography 

Assam University Syllabus for B.A

Its always good to study B.A in university. The university give you a different environment than colleges and you will find people with really big ideas. The career guide. Which is very important part of the society you be provided by both teachers and the seniors. This will help you to achieve good things. Also getting these guide at a early  age will help you to ahead of time or at least with time. You will find the best quality of syllabus here. The syllabus for B.A for AUS is in PDF format. This is the latest syllabus in 2020.

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SubjectDownload Syllabus
Bachelor in Performing Arts (Classical Music) 
Bachelor in Performing Arts (Dance) 
Bachelor in Performing Arts (Dramatics) 
Bachelor in Performing Arts (Instrumental Music) 
B.Sc.BE. in Education 

Download the Syllabus for Assam University in arts and science

ICFRE MTS Previous Year Papers With Answer Sheet Download PDF

AUS have a lots of diploma, graduation and masters courses. You will find courses for English, Chemistry and more. The university will give you the best environment in the stat in some subjects. The subjects will you will get are quite good. And the level of study is very good. Try to have detail study on the subject. You will find helpful to clear exam in the upper level. These is a great institution for gaining knowledge. The knowledge is the most important thing is the world. And with right approach you can ding good things. So try gaining knowledge. Download the syllabus for English.

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