Assam SLET Syllabus: SET Download PDF

Assam SLET Syllabus: SET Download PDF: Assam State eligibility test is a exam that is conduced by the state government. This provide you the opportunity to apply for applying lectureship in different colleges in northeast region. It similar to the UGC NET. But with some other features. Here you will find all the syllabus for all the subjects. Subjects form Commerce , Arts and Science stream. Recently Assam SLET is also called the SET exam. The exam is highly competitive. You can download the syllabus for the exam. The exam focuses you to do many things in the right way.

There are 25 subject in the Assam SLET/SET 2020. The exam has generally have a high level of competition. Generally the students gives you a great fight in the exam. So preparing well is a must.

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Syllabus for Assam SLET 2020 For Life Science

Life science is a subject that is related to many subjects. Like Zoology and Botany. The subjects will certainly help you in many things related to other ideas of life science.

Cell Biology :Structure and function of cells and intra cellular organelles (of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes) mechanism of cell division including (mitosis and meisosis) and cell differentiation.Cell cell interaction : Malignant growth; Immune response Dosage compensation and mechanism of sex determination. Read More

Assamese Syllabus for Assam SLET 2020

Its one of the most competitive subjects. As it the main subjects of the sate. Now you can read online or download it.Get all there required information related to exams.

The Test is intended to assess the teaching/research aptitude of the candidate. They are supposed to possess and exhibit cognitive abilities like comprehension, analysis, evaluation, understanding the structure of arguments, evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive reasoning, weighing the evidence with special reference to analogical arguments and inductive generalization, evaluating, classification and definition, avoiding logical inconsistency rising out of failure to see logical relevance due to ambiguity and vagueness in language. The candidates are also supposed to have a general acquaintance with the nature of a concept, meaning and criteria of truth, and the source of knowledge. Download the Syllabus.

Syllabus for Chemical Science for Assam SLET 2020

Here is the detail syllabus for Assam State Level Eligibility Test 2020 for Chemical Science.

Structure and Bonding : Atomic orbitals, electronic configuration of atoms (L-S coupling) and the periodic properties of elements; ionic radili, ionisation potential, electron affinity, electronegativity; concept of hybridization. Molecular orbitals and electronic configuration of homo nuclear and hetero nuclear diatomic molecules. Shapes of polyatomic molecules; VSEPR,theory Symmetry elements and point groups for simple molecules.Bond lengths, bond angles, bond order and bond energies. Types of Chemical Bond (weak and strong) inter molecular forces, structure of simple ionic and covalent solids, lattice energy. Read More

Syllabus for Assam SLET 2020 For Commerce

You can downlaod the syllabus for Assam SLET 2020.

Meaning and Elements of Business Environment Economic environment, Economic Policies,Economic Planning,Legal environment of Business in India.Competition policy, Consumer protection,Environment protection.Policy Environment : Liberalization, Privatization and globalization. Second generation reforms,Industrial policy and implementation. Industrial growth and structural changes. Read More.

Syllabus For Assam SLET 2020 For Computer Science

Assam SLET Syllabus

Get the syllabus for Computer Science for Assam SLET 2020.

Sets, Relations, Functions,. Pigeonhole Principle, Inclusion Exclusion Principle, Equivalence and Partial Orderings, Elementary Counting Techniques, Probability. Measure(s) for information and Mutual information. Computability : Models of computation–Finite Automata, Push-down Automata, Non-determinism and NFA, DPDA and PDAs and Languages accepted by these structures. Grammars, Languages, Non compatibility and Examples of non computable problems. Read More.

Download Syllabus for Economics for Assam SLET 2020

Determination of output and employment Classical approach. Keynesian approach, Consumption hypotheses Demand for Money–Fisher and Cambridge versions.Approaches of Keynesian, Friedman, Patinkin, Baumoland Tobin Supply of Money, Determinants of money supply, High powered money, Money multiplier Phillips curve analysis Business cycles–Models of samuelson, Hicks and Kaldor Macro economic Equilibrium–Relative roles of monetary and fiscal policies. Read More.

Download syllabus for All subjects of Assam State Level Eligibility Test

You can get all the syllabus for the SLET. Download the PDF for all the subjects. Get the best quality papers and download for free.

  1. Anthropology
  2. Arabic
  3. Assamese
  4. Bengali
  5. Bodo
  6. Chemical Science
  7. Commerce
  8. Computer Science
  9. Economics
  10. Education
  11. English
  12. Environmental Science
  13. Geography
  14. Hindi
  15. History
  16. Law
  17. Life Science
  18. Manipuri
  19. Mathematical Science
  20. Persian
  21. Philosophy
  22. Physical Science
  23. Political Science
  24. Sanskrit
  25. Sociology


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