Anfan: Prime Minister Modi to visit Bengal and Odisha on Friday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit these two states on Friday to take stock of the devastation in West Bengal and Odisha due to the storm in the Corona epidemic on Wednesday evening.

This was informed by the official Twitter handle of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Prime Minister will conduct an aerial inspection of the affected areas and then he will participate in the meeting where there will be talks about relief and rescue.

So far 72 people have died in West Bengal due to the storm.

Seeing the loss of life and property due to the storm, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Bengal.

The Chief Minister also announced compensation of Rs 2 lakh each to the families of those who died.

The face of Kolkata, also known as City of Joy, has completely changed due to the storm on Wednesday. 15 people have died in Kolkata.

Thousands of trees, electricity and cable wires and poles fell on the roads, vehicles collided with each other by the force of wind, damaged houses, glass scattered on the roads, gul electricity in most areas and flooding at Kolkata Airport Look like…. It is very difficult to describe in words that the heavy damage caused by the strong winds and rain, which ran from 120 to 133 km, for about three hours.

During this storm, only the trafficker trapped in Kolkata can understand the magnitude of the blister. But to describe this magnitude, all the words that have been used for reporting the storm so far are feeling light.

Before this, Aayla, Phani and Bulbul, who came to the state, were nothing in front of Anfan. The speed of the storm in the northern area of ​​the metropolis made the scene of the Hollywood film Twister which came 24 years ago.

The roof of the raw house, bicycles and other small things blowing from the power of the winds were creating frightening scenes.

78-year-old Kushal Sarkar says, “I had never seen such a terrible storm in my life. It seemed that it is difficult to survive today. Many trees fell before my eyes. The roaring of the winds was causing a shiver in the heart.”

Even after 12 hours of passing the storm, the lines of terror are clearly visible on his face.

According to Meteorological Director GC Das, “222 mm of rain has been recorded in two hours between eight and ten o’clock on Wednesday night.”

Firhad Hakim, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation Administrator and Urban Development Minister, says, “The inference would be terrible. But it would be so terrible, it was not imagined. The whole metropolis has turned into a pile of garbage.”

In the multi-storey building of the state secretariat Nawann, glass windows and doors have been broken. They have caused injuries to two employees.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee spent the whole night in the control room in the state secretariat on Wednesday. She says, “According to preliminary information, at least 12 people have been killed due to the storm. Information has not been received so far from many areas due to the communication system being stalled. The damage to property and farm crops. What has happened cannot be imagined. It will take three to four days to fully assess the damage. “

Mamta says that North and South 24-Parganas districts have been completely ruined. More than six thousand raw houses have collapsed and many dams and jetties have broken.

Mass loss

The Chief Minister says, “So far in my life, I have not seen any metropolis causing such massive damage to a meteor. Due to transporting more than three lakh people to safe places, the loss of life has reduced but the loss of property Is beyond imagination. “

Mamta’s point is quite right. The view of the metropolis on Thursday morning is enough to tell the devastation of the storm. Due to the uprooting of trees and electric poles, the condition of most roads is such that walking has become difficult.

Trees, pillars, vehicles buried under them and shattered glass of all the windows on the streets are telling the story of the devastation of last night’s storm.

Regional Director of the Meteorological Department GC Das said, “Due to the increase in the speed of the inflection, he turned to Bangladesh before time. If it did not happen then it was difficult to imagine its destruction in Bengal.”

About 12 hundred mobile towers have become useless due to the impact of the storm. As a result, the mobile network has also come to a standstill. It is difficult to talk anywhere through the towers that are working. Internet and cable services have come to a standstill since last night.

‘Bigger crisis than Corona’

Mamta says, “Corona’s crisis is nothing compared to this natural disaster. The power system in South Bengal has been disrupted due to the storm. Many areas have been submerged in darkness since last night.”

Power Minister Shobhan Chatterjee says, “The work has started to remove the fallen trees on Thursday. But it will take time to restore the supply due to such a huge loss.”

The government had taken all precautionary measures to avoid the storm. A government official says, “The speed of the storm was so fast that the entire system was lost.”

P Ulanganathan, the district magistrate of South 24-Parganas district most affected by the accident, says, “The storm has devastated the entire district. No damage has been reported so far from remote areas. The fall of trees is accompanied by communication Road connectivity has also been cut. Very frightening picture. Not much information has been received at the moment. “

Airport plight

At the Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport, north of the metropolis, 40-40 tonne aircraft were moving like a toy at the speed of the storm. Small aircraft were already sent to safe places there.

But 42 large aircraft were submerged in water by two to three feet. On Thursday morning, there was a flood-like scene at the airport. A security personnel stationed at the airport said, “It seemed at night not to fly off the roof of the airport. It was scary to see the planes moving like toys.”

The state government has said that there has been a huge loss to the Sundarbans delta from the infill. But till now, full details could not be found from there.

Everyone from the government to the common people are believing that in the last five decades, Kolkata had not seen any storm which has changed the picture of this metropolis.

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