All Assam Private Schools Association says Assam government’s 25% fee waiver order is “illegal”

This is a burning topic after state government has taken new decision on education.All Assam Private Schools Association on Saturday guaranteed that the request passed by the Assam Education Department on August 13 for 25 percent ‘waiver’ on school expense did not depend on any law.

Now different personalities have different things to say. B. Kalyan Chakraborty, head secretary (Elementary and Secondary) on Thursday had given a request, requesting that the tuition based schools forgo 25 percent of their month to month charges from the long stretch of May work re-opening of schools.

The Assam government request had referenced that the tuition based schools are sparing considerable consumptions, including vitality expenses and fuel costs because of conclusion since March 16.

The leader of the tuition based schools affiliation stated, the legislature could have asked the Fee Regulatory Committee (FRC) to investigate the expenses with respect to any “reserve funds” that may have occurred due to non-working of physical classes.

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