50 Covid19 warriors Praised at Haflong

A sum of 50 bleeding edge Covid19 warriors of Dima Hasao were congratulated and regarded in Haflong at the activity of the Haflong Welfare Association.

The wellbeing secretary toward the North Cachar Hill Self-Government Council, TT Daulagupu, joint chief of the locale wellbeing division Dr. Dipali Barman, director of Haflong Civil Hospital Dr. Kalpana Kemprai and the clinic manager were available as uncommon visitors.The program was held at the gathering lobby of the Haflong Civil Hospital.

Upper east Now’s Haflong reporter and general secretary of the Association, Pankaj Kumar Dev, conveyed the welcome location.He said because of the indefatigable endeavors of the specialists, attendants and firstline wellbeing laborers and cleaners, the Covid19 casualties are recouping and getting back.The rescue vehicle drivers have likewise been conveying Covid19 positive patients starting with one spot of treatment then onto the next taking a chance with their lives, he saidSpecialists, medical attendants, lab experts, emergency vehicle drivers and cleaners were congratulated with scarves and little endowments.

This is just because that any association has approached in Dima Hasao locale to respect the specialists and other wellbeing laborers who have been enthusiastically battling against the Covid19 pandemic in the district.Among the specialists present on the day were Dr. Ajay Paul, Dr. Nitanan Niding, Dr. Ajit Kumar Kakati, Dr. N. Nunisa, Dr. Viva Bora Gayan, Dr. L. Newme, Dr. SC Nampui and others.

NC Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) secretary Daulagupu uncovered an exceptional standard on Coronavirus mindfulness on the event.Daulagupu praised the activity of the Huflong Welfare Association to respect the specialists and other wellbeing laborers. He is searching for triumph in the skirmish of Covid with the assistance of these warriors.Ashish Dutta, VP of the Association talked on the event and consultant Manik Das, working president Sekhar Subhan Dey, Pritthish Bhattacharje, Sudip Chakraborty, Samit Chowdhury, Uttam Dey, Jahar Paul, Ashim Mazumder, Jaydip Aditya, Rupom Roy, and Bidesh Deb were available.

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